Everything to Know About Industrial Blowers

Industrial blowers and fans move high volumes of air or gas throughout a facility. Blowers rely on impellers to accelerate and direct large volumes of air to a localized area. Here, we will discuss the various types of industrial blowers, as well as their benefits and applications, to help you determine if industrial blowers are right for your application.

What Are Industrial Blowers?

An industrial blower relies on an electric motor, impellers, and airfoils to efficiently increase the airflow in a workspace. Blowers can use positive displacement, axial, or centrifugal technology to move air. This increased airflow removes particulates, dirt, dust, and other contaminants from the air. Industrial blowers are designed to be permanent additions to a workplace and offer higher pressure than fans.

Industrial blowers move gas and air for exhaust, ventilation, conveying systems, aspiration, and cooling. Blower designs include numerous blower types, operating pressures, electrical ratings, and dimensions, and they can be customized to perform various functions. Industrial blowers can also be used for dust control, fluid bed aerators, and drying.

Industrial blowers provide the following benefits:

  • Safety. Industrial blowers operate with a reliable and safe electric motor.
  • Pressure. Industrial blowers can move large volumes of air at high speeds, resulting in low to medium static air pressure.
  • Dust Collection. Industrial blowers can be equipped with a bag or filter to catch dust and other particulates.
  • Humidity Control. Proper airflow eliminates dampness that can cause odors and mold growth.
  • Healthy Environment. Industrial blowers remove particles from the air that can irritate workers’ eyes, noses, and respiratory systems.
  • Air Movement and Control Association (AMCA) Standards. AMCA classified blowers are suitable for various applications, including moving dangerous fumes.
  • OSHA Requirements. Industrial blowers help create a healthy work environment as required by OSHA.
  • Control Smoke and Fumes. Blowers can remove and exhaust fumes and smoke from the work environment.
  • Ventilation. Blowers provide airflow essential to cooling and reducing harsh conditions.
  • Durability. Industrial blowers are able to operate in harsh conditions and endure stressful work environments.
  • Adaptability. They are suitable for various applications with custom configurations, designs, and dimensions.
  • Power Usage. Industrial blowers provide energy-efficient power consumption with proper installation.

Applications of Industrial Blowers

Many industries rely on industrial blowers and heavy-duty fans to complete numerous processes and applications. They can facilitate various operations, such as drying by circulating ambient, cold, or hot air within the equipment. They can also optimize the airflow of a facility to prevent damp or hot air from lowering the air quality and can ventilate hazardous compounds that can harm workers such as dust, smoke, chemicals, and explosive agents.

The following industries rely on industrial blowers and heavy-duty fans:

  • Wastewater and water
  • Pulp and paper
  • Power
  • Manufacturing
  • Food production

Types of Industrial Blowers From Markair

At Markair, we deliver industrial blowers from the leading brands. The axial fan is one of our most popular products and is the textbook example of a fan. It has a central hub with several blades that extend from it radially. The fan blades rotate to draw air in and force it out the other side parallel to the rotational axis. Axial fans are suitable for many general-purpose applications with low pressure and high flow rate and come in many designs.

We also offer the centrifugal fan. A centrifugal fan has a central hub with several blades at a right angle. Sometimes called a blower, a scroll-shaped structure houses the fan assembly. It increases the incoming pressure of the air or gas and forces it in another direction. The flow rates of centrifugal fans are lower than axial fans, but the pressures are higher. We can alter the design to change the performance of the centrifugal fan, creating different pressures and airflow.

Industrial Blowers From Markair

Industrial blowers offer many benefits and are an integral part of various industries and applications. At Markair, we deliver axial fans and centrifugal fans to meet the application requirements of our customers. As an experienced and knowledgeable supplier of ventilation productions, you can depend on Markair to determine the best industrial blower for your needs. Contact us to learn more about our industrial blowers today.

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