Ventilation Equipment for Water & Wastewater

Markair has been a strong partner of the Florida water & wastewater industry for many
years. Municipalities and consulting engineers have relied on us to improve the
ventilation equipment located at their facilities. From improving reliability by
incorporating direct driven equipment with VFD control to building fans and ventilation
equipment with more suitable materials for the application, Markair has the experience
and application knowledge to improve maintenance and reliability in this industry.

  • Ground Water Storage Reservoir Forced Draft Ventilation
  • Belt Filter Press Room Ventilation
  • Chemical Feed Building Ventilation
  • Hydrogen Sulfide Scrubber Fans
  • Chlorine Room Ventilation
  • General Ventilation
  • Make-Up Air Systems
  • Dilution Ventilation
  • Confined Space Ventilation
  • Filter Gallery Ventilation
  • Wastewater Aeration
  • FRP & Carbon Fiber Fans
  • Aluminum and Stainless Steel Fans
  • Corrosion Resistant Construction Options
  • Dampers
  • Expansions Joints