For many industrial manufacturing facilities, particularly those in the aerospace industry, Markair represents the top producers of outstanding dust collector systems and industrial ventilation. Having worked as consultants and representatives for many years, we know about this sector’s requirements, and we have created a list of comprehensive services that will produce the best outcomes.

Apart from our consultation services, we also offer aerospace solutions for custom fabrication. Since it’s a demanding industry, we want to ensure that our work meets their requirements and needs. It’s the only way to ensure smooth and functional operations.


How We Can Help the Aerospace Industry

We understand that not all industries are the same, and we look for a foolproof answer to solve their challenges. The aerospace industry is no exception to these problems, which is why we provide effective aerospace services that are second to none.

Some of the services we offer are the following:

  • Project Budgets and Appropriations
  • Applications and Maintenance Solutions
  • Field Surveys
  • Turn-Key Installation
  • Equipment Specifications

Our customers from the aerospace sector can choose from many other services we offer. These are designed to improve their overall operation while improving their facility’s efficiency and effectiveness.



Applications of A Dust Collector in Aerospace Manufacturing Facilities

Utilizing a dust collector in the aerospace sector is crucial as it will often significantly impact the final product. A dust collector can help prevent airborne particles from affecting the product’s quality and increase safety by reducing the risk of fires and explosions caused by metal dust accumulation.

Additionally, it helps with fabrication processes that often require containment to meet specific standards. Markair is proud to represent the manufacturers that can provide fantastic dust collection systems. It has many applications and uses, which can ensure that your facility is at its 100%.

Some applications of dust collection:

  • Capture, convey, and collect dust
  • Improve overall safety
  • Prevents dust inhalation hazards
  • Removes particulates
  • Enhances quality of breathable air

A dust collector system is essential in manufacturing since it can keep you and your workforce safe from inhaling dangerous contaminants that can lead to different illnesses. We’re committed to keeping your facility safe and free from potential danger.

Custom Fabrication Designed for the Aerospace Sector

We pride ourselves in providing not only dust collection and industrial ventilation. But we’re also a leader in custom fabrication. Many facilities require custom parts to ensure that their equipment works properly, and we’re fully equipped to create these components for you. It’s another one of our top aerospace solutions that will change how your business runs for the better.

Some custom fabrication services to choose from:

  • Duct Fabrication
  • Custom Fan and Engine Skids
  • Filter Racks
  • Custom Air Handlers
  • Custom Hood Fabrication
  • Sheet Metal Fabrication
  • Fan Rebuilds

If you require help with any of these custom fabrication services, we’re happy to help. We can work with you to design a custom product. Rest assured that we’ll deliver optimal results that will exceed your expectations.

Work With Us To Achieve a Fully-Efficient Aerospace Facility

Dust collection is a crucial step you should never bypass, mainly because its primary concern affects the safety of your employees and those working inside. If you want to ensure that you find the right dust collector system, don’t hesitate to come to Markair. We’re a purveyor you can trust to offer you the best systems for a safer working environment.

If you have any questions or concerns, get in touch with us today. We’re willing to guide you through the process as well as offer some consultation and custom fabrication services.