Custom Fabrication & Packaging

Markair is a reliable and reCustom metal fabricationputable part consultant and purveyor of various industrial ventilation and dust collection systems. Our in-depth knowledge about ventilation for facilities enabled us to provide the best advice to our clients while we connect them with our trusted manufacturers.

We can handle custom fabrication to meet your needs if you can’t find what you need in our inventory. With your exact specifications and requirements, we can fabricate the parts and components your systems require to work correctly and optimally.

Custom Fabrication of Industrial Ventilation & Dust Collection Products

We understand that installing and maintaining industrial ventilation systems are no small tasks, and there’s a lot to consider when it comes to the safety of your facility. We have decades of experience helping our clients keep their facilities safe from airborne hazards. Our experts are always available to answer any questions, especially regarding custom orders.

With our expert knowledge of industrial blowers, axial fans, and fume extraction products, you will receive what’s appropriate for your facility. At the same time, we strive to meet what you’re looking for without sacrificing quality.

The Types of Fabrication Services We Offer at Markair

We have honed our expertise and knowledge in industrial ventilation systems and dust collection products. We have become a trusted manufacturer representative while providing consulting services. Furthermore, it has also allowed us to offer custom fabrication services to achieve your desired results.

Our list of fabrication services is as follows:

  • Fan rebuilds: We have a team in-house who’s ready to build your system’s fans according to your requirements.
  • Custom structural bases: Structural bases are required to ensure your systems are secure and that the equipment are well supported, and we can have one built  for your facility.
  • Custom hood fabrication: We can fabricate a customized intake or exhaust hood for your roof and wall openings. Built to your specs.
  • Custom engine skids: Our expertise allows us to custom-fabricate engine and pump skids according to your requirements.
  • Duct fabrication: We can also design and fabricate flexible and efficient ducting.  Materials like aluminum, galvanized, and stainless steel. Flanged, clamp together, reinforced flexible, and vacuum piping.
  • Custom fan skids: We can also create custom fan skids according to your system requirements.
  • Sheet metal fabrication: Our sheet metal fabrication services allow for rapid response to plant shut down parts and custom fabricationl items
  • Filter racks: Filter racks are essential to your industrial ventilation and dust collection systems, and we can fabricate one for you.
  • Enclosures: Our team can fabricate custom enclosures for your ventilation systems.

Our custom fabrication services allow us to work with you closely. And the custom fabrication services we offer are ideal for industrial blowers, axial fans, and fume extraction products.

Why Choose Markair for Your Custom Needs?

We’re your trusted industrial ventilation partner who is highly qualified to provide expert advice regarding your facility’s needs. Through the years, we have honed our knowledge and adapted to what each industry seeks.

Other benefits of choosing us as your partner:

  • We solve unique problems with our custom fabrication services.
  • We have comprehensive services to determine the issue of an industrial ventilation system.
  • We successfully serve numerous industries with our background knowledge regarding each one.

We won’t stop until we achieve what you’re looking for to enhance your industrial ventilation systems. We’re reliable and fully equipped to ensure that all your needs are met while we guarantee customer satisfaction.

Trust Markair for All Your Custom Fabrication Needs

At Markair, you will experience equality service that can guarantee the best results for your industrial ventilation systems. We have been in this industry for decades and understand how to craft custom products that will meet your expectations.

If you have questions or concerns about our services, don’t hesitate to contact us today. Our team is ready to tackle any problem your systems may have.

If you have any questions regarding our custom fabrication & packaging services, contact us to discuss it. There’s no obligation.