Industrial Ventilation Services in Pulp & Paper

The pulp and paper industry has a broad range of industrial ventilation and dust collection
requirements that pose unique challenges when it comes to corrosive and harsh
conditions. Markair has been a leader in engineering ventilation and equipment solutions
to improve the pulp, paper and cellulose markets. Projects in the Markair portfolio
include improved hood exhaust fan construction, improved duct design, steam and glycol
heating systems for make-up air, machine room balance, digester area ventilation, wood
yard and chip conveyor ventilation, recovery boiler fans and steam coils, as well as trim

There are many opportunities to improve reliability and corrosion resistance in the pulp
and paper market. Some of these areas are below:

  • Wet End Ventilation Systems
  • Machine Hood Exhaust
  • False Ceiling Exhaust
  • Machine Room Ventilation
  • Make-Up Air System
  • Hood Supply Systems
  • Steam Coil Replacement
  • Vapor Absorption or VAS Systems
  • Pocket Ventilation
  • Condensation Prevention
  • Positive Pressure Ventilation
  • Trim Handling / Trim Conveying
  • Recycle Pulper Ventilation
  • High Line Systems
  • General Exhaust Roof Fans
  • Bleach Plant Equipment
  • Wood Yard Equipment
  • Air Washer Hood Ventilation
  • Dust Collection
  • House Keeping Vacuums
  • Motor Cooling
  • Dampers
  • Expansion Joints