Markair & Aerovent provides fans for NASA Space Shuttle Program

2010 is
 the final year for NASA’s aging space shuttle fleet. As 
each orbiter returns to earth from its final voyage, it is greeted by 
products designed and sold by Markair, Inc. and manufactured by TCF Aerovent.

NASA Cooling Unit

NASA Cooling Unit

Once the orbiter lands at the end of a mission, the Shuttle Landing
 Fleet of vehicles keep systems on the orbiter operating while it
progresses through checkout stages. One of the fleet support systems is a
portable air conditioning unit. TCF Aerovent supplied twenty (20) panel
 fans for each of three (3) of these portable air conditioning units.

The existing cooling
air supply units were not performing to specifications and required new 
fans and 
coils. The fans and coils had to bolt to an existing shroud and provide
higher performance.

 seacoast environment required special materials and
 coatings for corrosion protection. Quality, performance, and delivery
 were very
 critical requirements of the specifications.

Each of the three units required sixteen (16) 30″ DDP 
fans and four (4) 16″ DDP 
pre-cooling fans for a total of sixty (60) 
fans. The motors were severe wash down duty with stainless steel
shafts, and hardware. The fans were all welded aluminum construction 
to fit the existing shrouds. The coating was a white Ameron paint that
sand blasting, an Amerlock 400 primer and an Ameron PSX700 topcoat.

In addition to the extensive documentation and testing
requirements, NASA STD-5008 required a Certified National Association of 
Corrosion Engineers (NACE) Inspection of all of the fans. Aerovent
 hired a NACE 
certified company out of Pompano Beach, 
Florida to perform the 
inspections and to provide the certified reports. Aerovent provided a
 QC person to work with the NACE inspector. Together, they reviewed the 
specifications and inspected everything from surface 
preparation to measuring dry film thicknesses (DFT) on each fan. The 
painting and inspection process
 took a total of six days. The detailed report states “all work was 
performed in strict accordance with specifications and in a professional

For the past five years, the Aerovent units have been
 operating during landing and recovery of the space shuttle fleet. NASA
very satisfied with the quality of Aerovent’s products and the units are
performing to specifications.

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